Incorporating Automatic Likes With External Links;

News 09:02 February 2024:

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For effective advertisement and marketing on twitter, use of automatic likes is effective when accompanied with external links. The 140 characters you have to create a tweet serve as the summary of what you intend to communicate in the link. It is believed that over 92% of meaningful interactions on twitter happen when the readers click on the external links. They are motivated to retweet or reply to it appropriately. From the links, the readers get further information, clarification or detailed description of something that interests them. The links provide authenticity of whatever was communicated in the 140 characters since you are taken to the full website concerning the same.

As an entrepreneur, always be sure that the link you are providing is the same one with the tweet. You lose potential clients if they get wrong information in the link you purported to be in the tweet. Such mistakes should be avoided. In case it happens, pull down the tweet and rectify before posting again. Own up the mistake early enough and apologise before complaints start streaming in. Accepting and owning the error, the people feel respected. Unlike using automatic likes, links require a lot of research and accurate information at all times before posting.