Attracting More Periscope Followers.

News 07:02 February 2024:

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On customizing your account well, it is now time to go live and attract more periscope followers to come and watch. There are ways to determine which broadcast will draw massive numbers depending on your followers. Follow the following tips to attract and maintain your existing number of followers;

Content; make your videos attractive and focus on the niche you wrote on the broadcast screen. Most members follow you on reading the first line of the main screen; hence, it’s you to meet their expectation. It will be discouraging if you post a different niche from the one you published on the main screen. This discourages participation since people are getting different topics as no ideas are flowing.

Replays; always upload replays of whatever live video you post to give a chance for your followers to watch over and over again. From the replays, it is possible to clarify where your periscope followers didn’t understand from the first time view. It is, therefore, important as an account holder to know how to create replays that won’t be monotonous when watched for long.

Following back; As people watch your videos and follow, do the right thing and follow back. The essence of all this is to keep communication going and interesting over the watched videos.